The team at Map Ranks is professional and delivers what they say they will. We were hesitant to work with a different SEO company but the results have been beyond what we expected. Thank you guys!
Marvin Razouk
Visions Gallery, San Diego (Owner)

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're glad you asked. We pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled customer experience. We are always available via phone or email, we provide insightful weekly customer reports, we monitor your rankings on a regular basis, we're committed increasing your total customer actions, and we offer a NO CONTRACT service which means that we're dedicated to your success.

Our existing customers are the most important part of our business, and we will never put you on the backburner. Your success is our success!

Since we are a manual optimization service, and not a software based system, we cannot offer free trials of Map Ranks. What we can promise you is that your business listing will be fully optimized and setup within the first 30 days — and since we have no contracts for most of our services, you can cancel at any time.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. What makes Map Ranks different is that we produce results quickly. For that reason, we have NO CONTRACTS for our service.

We believe that business owners should never be obligated into a long-term contract for a service that does not work. Therefore, we're only as successful as our customers. If our customers get results, then we get paid. If they don't, then they may cancel at any time.

Currently we do not offer a money back guarantee, since there is so much up-front work for us to perform within the first 30 days.

Absolutely not. We only charge a one-time setup fee and your regular monthly service charge. That's IT.

There are no hidden fees or charges for the services included with your package.

Map Ranks was founded in 2018, in La Jolla, CA (along the coast of San Diego).

We have since moved into a beautiful office in the heart of Kensington, right of Adams Ave. We are a team of knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to producing results for our clients. We believe in customer success and most of our growth has been due to referrals from happy clients!

YES! As long as your business serves local customers in your area, you are eligible to display on Google Maps. Your business listing on Google Maps is managed by the Google Business Profile manager. If you do not have an existing listing we can help create and setup one for you.